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GTA Chinatown Wars screenshotsLeaked Rockstar (GTA) Survey
Internet Game news site UGO some time ago had found intentionally or unintentionally leaked details on DS GTA: Chinatown Wars in a consumer opinion poll carried out by Rockstar (the makers of GTA DS) where they were trying to find out user opinions about an "upcoming NDS game from Rockstar ". The game involved player assuming a role of a young gangster fighting the insiders power struggle for ultimate control of his gang. Also suggested were 20+ hours of gameplay spread over 70 plus storyline missions, stylus-based controls, plus contextual mini-games like smashing locks and hot wiring cars to steal them, assembling a sniper rifle for an assassination etc.

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DS GTA Wi-Fi multiplayer is likely to be one of the games features. It is also suggested by the Nintendo WiFi icon on the games official site, but it could also mean that WiFi internet connection could be used for exchanging highscores... Other have suggested that upgrades and downloadable content could be made available fro download, but that seems unlikely given the limited writable storage space on a DS cartridge. Who knows maybe DS GTA will come with an expansion pack like the DS Browser did.

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3517 - Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (U)(Xenophobia).zip
3538 - Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (E)(Xenophobia).nds
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un-official Nintendo DS GTA website has been lunched. News are posted daily. Screenshots and Gameplay Movies comming soon.


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NDS ROM 3517 - Grand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars (U)(Xenophobia).zip