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3517 - Grand Theft Auto China Town Wars (U)(Xenophobia).zip

DS GTA GTA DS ROM was released on 16th of

Panic! Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars have been released, and many people are freaking out on the fact that they can't seem to play GTA on their DS cards. Why is that so?

GTA apparently uses a larger save file, shutting down the majority of flashcards that are out there at the moment. Those with the newest brand of flashcards should be immune to this problem and should have new firmware if they don't work. But what about those people who don't have new flashcards, such as the R4, M3, Cyclo and etc.?

Well, there are two ways to combat the latest hurdle thrown to us gamers. (1) You can add a bypass code with your Action Replay cheats, which can be found at GBAtemp and Narin's cheat code thread or (2) Head over to http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ld5gm and patch your game (instructions included). The latter is undoubtedly easier, so try that first before resorting to inputting the Bypass Code.

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un-official Nintendo DS GTA website has been lunched. News are posted daily. Screenshots and Gameplay Movies comming soon.


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Leaked Rockstar (GTA) Survey

I've also pre-patched the GTA: CW ROM as well, so if neither of them work head over here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M8MM93MU. NOTE: THIS HAS ONLY BEEN CONFIRMED TO WORK ON THE R4. IF IT DOESN'T WORK ON YOUR CARD, TRY APPLYING THE PATCH MANUALLY.

Anyhoo, HAVE A TIIIIIIIME and keep gaming! x)

EDIT: Okay, so someone decides to send me an abusive email, telling me how he feels and after insulting me, demands me to fix the problem. :D This Ninja laughs at the irony, but being the honorable cake, for those who can't seem to get this patched ROM working should head over to one of these two links:
-Action Replay Code to get GTA Working
-Patch: Instructions Included.

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NDS ROM 3517 - Grand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars (U)(Xenophobia).zip