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GTA: Chinatown Wars – A New Territory For Nintendo DS

DS GTA GTA Chinatown Wars A New Territory For Nintendo DS/3DS

In 2009, Rockstar yet again created and introduced a new version of their popular game, Grand Theft Auto. This came as no surprise since the company has been able to continuously release a number of successful and highly demanded versions of the game. The real treat is the fact that the company was able to develop GTA: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS.

The reason that this is one great surprise is the fact that Nintendo is popular for keeping their consoles and games family-oriented. This means that they only support software that is suitable for any age group. A game such as Grand Theft Auto does not necessarily fit the bill when it comes to Nintendo's standards. GTA has been popular for activities such as carjacking, violence (shoot-outs and physical violence), drug dealing, prostitution and most of all – explicit language. Eventually, Nintendo gave their blessings to Rockstar to develop a version of GTA for DS. And this is how Rockstar came to introduce GTA: Chinatown Wars.

gta ws dsIt’s time for Nintendo to add a new GTA game to its collection of games.

We have spent years waiting for a good Grand Theft Auto game played on a Nintendo handheld. At first, this idea was thought to be a failure. However, Rockstar was a success. The game company had a good timing when they released this game. Back then, the DS did not have any good M rated games. When they released Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, I knew that it would be one of the best DS games I have ever tried playing. I knew I would not forget about it.

I would rate this as 10/10. Despite the top-down view of the game, it is still quite entertaining. I particularly like the free roaming style of the game. It gives you the freedom to engage in total chaos without being punished for doing so, which makes the game even more fun. There are a lot of activities to do starting from engaging in drug deals up to many other missions. This is one of the reasons why the game is always exciting. It is also easy to become familiar with the controls and their uses. I especially find the controls easy to use, especially with the use of a stylus, a feature that you cannot find in many other DS games.

chinatown wars downloadGames Graphics on NDS
I would rate this as 10/10. The graphics are excellent. While most games only settled with mediocrity when it comes to their graphics, this game is different. It surpassed all our expectations because of the beautiful graphics. Even if the graphics may still be lacking in detail, it is still quite easy to understand.

Replayability of DSGTA
This is a 10/10 for me. You would only stop playing the game when you get bored of it, but it can seem never ending if you don’t easily get tired with something. You can also try all sorts of adventures with the game because you can hit people, fight with cops, and try to accomplish missions. Replayability is certainly one of the strongest features of this game.

Depending on the scores I have given for this game, I suggest that you buy it. It would be such a waste to just throw this kind of game away.

The story evolves around a spoiled brat named Huang Lee. Incidentally, he is the son of a Triad boss who got murdered. As part of tradition, he is meant to deliver the Yu Jian (a family heirloom) to his uncle. Complications happen before he arrives at his destination and he has to embark on a personal quest to reclaim the sword and redeem his family's name.

If you are weary of the actual game play – considering the fact that Nintendo DS is new territory for GTA – note that this game does not that different compared with the earlier versions. As a matter of fact, most of the "activities" that you would normally do in previous GTA versions still exist in Chinatown Wars. This includes carjacking, fistfights and some ear-bending adult language. However, you will notice that humor is quite prevalent throughout the lengthy story of the game.

One thing that you will notice in this particular version of the popular Grand Theft Auto game is the unique camera angles. Since a Nintendo DS uses a double screen feature, you can have the advantage of having a better view of the game. It uses an isometric view, allowing you to adjust it minimally to suit your preference. Unlike the ones that we have all grown accustomed to, this particular version of GTA offers a unique, refreshing perspective – something you can really appreciate.

An advantage and quite addictive feature of GTA: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS would be the mini games that you will find throughout the course of play. You will have to use the stylus to assemble sniper rifles and complete other tasks that would require skill and precision. During the course of your game play, you will be kept interested by the story line and become fond of the twists in the story. This is one strategy that Rockstar clearly utilized to make sure that their players remain hooked to the game. Get your own Chinatown Wars now and see the difference.

How GTA DS / DSi XL and 3DS could have looked.

These are screenshots from DS game versions of Metroid, Burnout and one more game the title of which showing off the kind of 3D graphics that NDS / DSi is capable of.

gta ds screenshotsGTA Chinatown Wars screenshots


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